Sales Info



Shipping within the US is a flat rate of $6.80, with shipping to outside the US being limited to Canada at at flat rate of $25.

Please note that some of the items are not premade and have a 2-6 week waiting period, so please keep this in mind before contacting me wondering where your item is at.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Custom Made Item Information

I’d be willing to do custom made items!  Anything that is listed here on the HWC website is available for custom made work, as well as anything that isn’t on the site already.  Feel free to use the contact form or contact me via Facebook.  I’d like to make some pointers on custom made items.

  • Some items, such as blankets, take a lot of yarn and a lot of time.  I require at least 6 months for a smaller sized blanket (lap afghan or a baby blanket), and at least 8-12 months on a king sized blanket.  When in doubt on a time frame or price, do not be afraid to contact me about it.
  • Shipping costs will depend on the size of the item and will be determined when the item is completed.
  • I require at least a 50% NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT on larger items (or anything quoted over $101 in price) and 100% NON REFUNDABLE PAYMENT on smaller items (anything quoted UNDER $100).  This is to help cover the cost of any yarn, patterns, or hooks that I might have to purchase to complete the project.  The other portion will be due at time of shipping along with the cost of shipping.
  • On larger projects, I will require a contract to be electronically signed.  This is just to make sure you understand my terms that I have set, and you understand the time frame it’s going to take to make your item(s).